Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Day 4 update from Logan

Today was a really great day. We took a really long drive up into the mountains to find these remote unreached villages and people. In these villages the team was able to see around 200 people saved. This was an amazing sight.

I was amazed by the joy they received from getting a piece of bread from us. I mainly worked with the kids. I got to play games and teach them songs such as Jesus Loves Me.

It was really cool to see the big smiles on their faces the whole time and there joy when they received a lollipop. It was especially funny when the people would stop and stare at me because of my red hair because they had never seen it before. The smiles of the people made the whole long bumpy journey worth it, but most importantly the 200 people who are now saved is what makes this whole trip worth it.

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