Sunday, August 6, 2017

Day 1 update from Gilbert Fung

Oh hey, I didn't see you there! Today was our first day helping out in Cambodia. We went to the Home of Grace orphanage, which was a beautiful place out in the countryside. It really felt like a light to the community and the families in the area. We got to experience a children's worship service, where the kids sang songs and shared testimonies. I shared my personal testimony, Pastor Garrett taught about the greatness of God, and Clarence led the song 'How Great is Our God.'

Afterwards we went to the Bati village church where we felt a little bit at home. There was a time of greeting everyone, some locals sharing their testminonies, and the kids being dismissed to kids' worship after the songs were done. The Broken Arrow team also shared their stories of becoming Christians, teaching a sermon about prayer, and singing a song. We saw five people come to accept Jesus!

At the end of the service, we helped serve a delicious lunch for the congregation, while a heavy rainstorm passed over the open-air church.

The last thing we did in the day was returning to the orphanage and playing with the kids. At first it was chaotic, with around 50 kids running around and kicking and throwing balls everywhere, but we joined in and just had fun with them. They really enjoyed being with us, and I'm really glad that we will get to spend more time together throughout the week.

I hope everyone back at Towers is doing well! I'm thankful that we have a strong group of believers praying for us for this trip!


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