Saturday, April 17, 2010

Going home

The latest chest x-Ray was clear and there is one more round of
antibiotics to go.

We should be out of here before midnight. There are 3 little anxious
ones waiting at home with Aunt Lisa.


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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Maybe this weekend

Things are looking great! Andrew is only on an IV now. The doctor said
he would be on it for 7-10 days and day 7 is tomorrow. It is hard to
believe we have been in the hospital for a week.

We have great friends who are helping us with meals & childcare. THANK

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Andrew is doing GREAT. He has no more tubes and is nursing. He has to
be on antibiotics for a couple of more days and will have to sit under
the light and a blanket that glows. His billiruben (sp?) has increased.

Maybe he can come home this weekend.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things are better

Andrew is off the ventilator and his breathing is great. We are able
to hold him and hear him cry. When he was intubated he didn't make any

He will be on antibiotics for the next 1-3 days. He may be able to
start nursing today. His blood work continues to come back good.

Our nurse this morning is Leena. She is from Delhi, India and we have
discussed her culture, her kids, her husbands Seik religion, and where
in Vegas to get the best Indian food.

If things continue to go well he may come home this weekend. Auntie
Lisa arrives tonight.

Again I want to thank everyone who has helped out with our kids,
brought us food, and all of you across the world who have been
praying. It is really cool to have friends in countries all over the

We love all of you.

Apparently Andrew "coughed" out the ventilator. I am on my way to get the details. Stay tuned!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Quick update

It is about 9:20 pm and I just arrived in the NICU to visit Andrew.
These numbers you see in the picture are great. The one that says 47
was in the high 70's. The number that is 20 started out at 45. Those
are big improvements. He still has fluid in his lungs, but the nurse
said it is pretty thin. They have also started him on a new IV of
electrolytes and protein. He looks comfy and hopefully they will
extubate tomorrow.
Jessica was discharged last night from the hospital and we were able to spend the night at home.

Andrew has had slight improvement. He is wearing very stylish shades because he is under a bright light for jaundice. His billiruben (sp?) level is better.

He is still on the ventilator, but the assistance from the vent has reduced over half. It was assisting him at 45 bpm and now it is down to 20 bpm. He is still breathing a little fast. All of his blood work has shown improvement.

The fluid in his lungs is thinning and he seems to be happy despite all the tubes and poking.

There is no estimated time of discharge for Andrew. Logan, William, and Sara really want to see him.

Thanks for all your prayers. Thanks to Rachel, Michelle, and Brad for all you have done.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sara is ready for her new brother to come home.

Latest update

The latest exray showed that Andrew has a touch of pneumonia. He is
receiving antibiotics. His breathing seems to have improved slighty.

Jessica & her friend are down in the NICU now. Only two people are
allowed at a time and so I am wandering around the hospital looking
for "secret" doors to open.

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It's Sunday

Andrew is still about the same. He is still on the ventilator and probably will be for another 24 hours. He will be having an echo-cardiogram this morning. All of his blood work continues to come back good.

The hard part will be leaving him because Jessica will be discharged today.

It is hard to see him like this. Because of the tube in his trachea and throat when he cries there is no sound. He started crying this morning and I held his hand and put my hand on his head and he stopped within seconds. We just want to hold him. However, we are thankful that he is as healthy as he is. He definitely is the "big dog" in the NICU.

Thanks for all the continued prayers, visits, calls, texts, emails, facebook messages, and tweets. It is nice to know we have so many friends.

The other kids are doing great. Our friend Rachel has been taking care of them. She has taken them to Pizza Hut, the park, the movies, and all kinds of other things.

Logan is going with me tonight to The Rock and Road Worship Show. I know our kids really want to see their new baby brother.

God is perfect and His timing is perfect and so we are just along for the ride.