Tuesday, March 6, 2012

14 years later

During the Spring Break of my last year of university I had the opportunity to go on my very first mission trip. My first mission trip was to Vancouver, BC. Jessica and I were just dating at the time and her parents were serving at Towers Baptist Church. It was a great trip and it really opened my eyes to the world outside of the South. It was this trip that God began to call me into His ministry. After that Spring Break trip Jessica and I both served for 10 weeks in very urban areas and it was that summer that God called me to ministry. It is really awesome to know that 14 years later God has called us to Vancouver and next week a team from my university is coming during their Spring Break to serve the same church and city we served in 1998. God began in me something at Towers Baptist Church in 1998 that has now allowed me to be the pastor of Towers Baptist Church 14 years later. I just thought that was a cool story to share.

Engaging our Neighbourhood - PART DEUX

I wrote a blog on February 1 about the way we at Towers Church are engaging our neighbourhood. Obviously we prayed. After some scouting in Quadrant 1 of our immediate neighbourhood we prayed everyday for the people that live in the over 700 households in just the NE quadrant from Towers. A mission team arrived last week and they flooded the streets going door to door collecting canned goods for The Richmond Food Bank, inviting people to our first neighbourhood meet and greet, and engaging people in conversation. This past Thursday we had our meet and greet and 2 families came. Am I disappointed that only 5 people out of approximately 3000 people showed up? The answer is no. Here are the reasons why I am not disappointed: One of the areas in Quadrant 1 is an apartment complex. My goal this week was to go to this apartment complex and meet the manager to see if the second mission team that arrives next week could come over and do something special for the kids. One of the people that showed up to the meet and greet was the manager of the complex. He came along with his three daughters and I talked to him for quite a while. His children go to the same school as my kids and his daughter is in my son Logan's class. He is a Jewish man from Israel, but was born in Uruguay. He was very open to us coming to the complex to provide some fun for the kids during their spring break. Another person that came was a guy from one of the very close local convenient stores. The mission team had stopped by his store to get drinks and snacks and invited him to come to the meet and greet. He came to the meet and greet and came back to worship service on Sunday and said he would be at the new men's Bible study on Thursday. We also took all the left over food to the Fire House that is in Quadrant 1 and ended up getting a full tour of the Fire House, trucks, and met some great people.

We have now entered a new month and we begin to pray for Quadrant 2 (and continue to pray for Quadrant one). Quadrant 2 is the NW Quadrant in our outreach/engagement strategy. In this area there is about the same number of households, more apartment complexes, more stores, and the school that Towers already has a partnership with. Because of our relationships with the school and families from the school we know several people in this neighbourhood. There are Muslim families. There are Buddhist families. There are Mormon families. There are Punjabi families. There are Canadian families. There are many types of people from many different places with many different faith backgrounds. Will you pray for these people? They desperately need Jesus. They just don't know they desperately need Jesus.

We plan to have a neighbourhood meet and greet for this part of our neighbourhood next week while the team from Southern Miss is here to help. Will you partner with us in prayer? We will be inviting people to our Easter Weekend at Towers.

I am excited and encouraged about what God is doing in our neighbourhood. Do you want to be a part of what He is doing? Pray, pray, pray!