Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blessed by our prayer gathering

Every Thursday night is a prayer gathering at Towers Baptist Church. We gather together to pray for the church, the lost community around us, our city, our nation, our world. We also pray for our local leaders with Send Vancouver, our national leaders with Send North America and NAMB. We also pray for an unreached people group in the world and for other churches in our area.

The reason I say I was blessed tonight at our prayer gathering is because of who came to pray with me. Only one person came tonight. It was not someone I expected. It was not a member of the church. It was not even a regular church attender. It was not even someone who has visited the church. It is a guy who called me randomly several weeks ago needing to talk to a local pastor because he was hurting. I have met this guy twice. Once before a Sunday service (he did not stay for "church") and once this week when he took me to lunch.

I say I was blessed because of the excitement and the faith that this guy brings to the table. He is a guy who is trying to get back in his walk with Christ and he is looking for a faith family. He shared with me that he has been praying for me and Towers Baptist Church. He told me tonight that he feels God leading him to become a part of our faith family. I shared with him some vision I had shared with the church and he got really excited about what God is going to do.

We had a great night of prayer. We spent an hour together praying for the sick and hurting of the church to the spiritual warfare on Vancouver Island. We prayed for the situation he is going through and he prayed for me as pastor of Towers Church. We prayed for revival. We prayed for his daughter. We prayed that ALL people who will be engaged through our new outreach strategy will be saved.

The point is we prayed. We came before God with our praises and our requests. We interceded for others and we worshiped together. God is good. It is all about Him. It is never about us. Will you pray with us? Maybe next time you can join us for our weekly prayer gathering.

Pastor Garrett