Friday, February 3, 2012

Praying like crazy

I have been serving as pastor at Towers Church for almost 6 months. There are three things that I want you to pray for everyday. One is our neighbourhood outreach strategy. Read the previous blog post for an explanation. Secondly, is the village of Steveston. As I sit and watch this community I am saddened that there is no SBC work here. I am meeting with another pastor of a CFC church this morning to see if he has a vision for planting a new church. We need to work together to preach the Gospel to this lost and unreached area. This place is a place that is vibrant, full of life, but also lost. Let's plant a church here! I am praying daily for Christians to rise up who live in Steveston and for God to provide people and the way to plant a church in this awesome neighbourhood of Richmond. Thirdly, there is a new development being built on the river near the Richmond Olympic Oval. Over the next 15 years this development will house 1,000's of people. There is a huge need to engage those people when they begin to move in to those housing units. There is a huge need to engage them with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Will you pray with me? I have a feeling God is going to do something huge because we are committing to pray.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Engaging our Neighbourhood (WIll you pray?)

I have been thinking a lot lately how to "engage" the people in the neighbourhood in the immediate area of our church building. This morning, I believe that God gave me this simple strategy for reaching and engaging our neighbours. I went to Google maps and printed out the area around the church. The borders are the four major streets around the church. The church building is almost in the middle of these four streets. Therefore, I divided up the area around the building into quadrants. I assigned to each quadrant three months of the year. For example, one of the quadrants is the area where the church building and our house are located. The months assigned to this quadrant are February, June, and October. This means that during those months we are going to pray everyday for every person in every house in this quadrant and engage them n some way. The same will happen for the other 3 quadrants during different parts of the year.

I was driving through the first quadrant today and began to count the number of houses. Can you believe that I counted over 730 households? If all quadrants have at least this many houses (they probably do) that is a total of almost 3,000 households within a very short walking distance to Towers Baptist Church. Let's say there is an average of 2 - 4 people in each household. That means there is approximately 8,000-10,000 people within a short walking distance to our church building. Our church, Towers Baptist Church, is one of only two SBC churches for this entire area. These two churches are actually in the same building.

I am going to lead our church to pray everyday in the month of February for Quadrant 1. March will be Quadrant 2, and so on. Will you join us in praying for people on the streets inside Quadrant 1? Quadrant is a really funny word after you say it a lot or type it a lot. I am hoping to develop a set of printed sheets in a book form to hand out to our people, but until then this blog and email will have to do.


Here are the streets, along with the one high school and one fire station and the one church:

Arvida Gate
Aquila Rd (our street)
Bissett Drive
Bissett Place
Agazzi Court
Alexis Court
Auburn Drive
Amethyst Ave.
Athabasca Drive
Anglesea Drive
Ashcroft Ave
Anahim Drive
Aragon Road
Williams Road (Between 4 and Shell)
No. 4 Road (between Williams and Francis)
Arrowsmith Drive
Shell (between Williams up to trail before Francis)
Albion Rd
75 unit housing complex near corner of Auburn and Shell
McNair Secondary School