Friday, April 30, 2010

Very funny

This is an email from William's teacher. 

I have to tell you something too funny!
But first let me tell you your son is at my desk whining that he doesn't like what you sent him for snack and you never send him anything good!!  You pack "bad" snacks!   Lol Poor deprived child!

But here is why I am writing you.  Will brought his little calculator thing to me and said "Mrs. Matherly, I broke this can you please fix it?"  I said "well honey, I can't fix it right now, I don't have time.  Why don't you take it home and have your dad fix it"  He said , "my dad is not a fixer....  He can't fix ANYTHING"!  Now seriously, how could I refuse that poor child...... His dad isn't a "fixer" and his mom packs "bad" snacks!

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