Monday, December 17, 2007

take time to realize...

I heard a song this morning with the title, Take Time to Realize, and of course that got me to thinking...

take time to realize that -

you woke up this morning
you took a breath this morning
you did not fall down in the shower this morning
you are blessed this morning
you saw a bird fly
you saw a car go by, without hitting you
you saw the police pull someone over and it wasn't you
you drank coffee
you said hi to someone
your kids gave you a hug
your loved one gave you hug
someone kissed you or shook your hand
you have life
you have life abundantly
you have the ability to share your story
you can buy a cheeseburger
you were created
you were created with a purpose
you are fulfilling that purpose
you are a child of the Father
you have brothers and sisters
you know what a cross is
you know the true meaning of Christmas
you have opportunities
you have a friend
you can say the name Jesus
you have a friend named Jesus
you have an opportunity to tell others about your friend
you should be thankful

You can add something to this list, whatever you want. Just take time to realize that God loves you and stop letting the little things control us. Next time you think the world is going to end and it just can't get any worse, try to put it in perspective with how big God is and what He has done and think, "really, is it that bad?"

It could be worse, always realize that it could be worse. We have a choice to make each day - give our day to God and have the same attitude as Jesus Christ or let the little things bother us and take our focus of God and others.