Friday, December 14, 2007

accept the legend

Friday’s are my day off of work. Each Friday I go exploring across the Vegas Valley. Today my adventure took me to Red Rock Canyon and Red Rock Resort and Casino. I saw the 9:30am showing of I Am Legend.

I watch movies with a “theological” mind and this movie was over-run with theological messages. I am going to break those down into three parts. If you plan on seeing the movie be careful as you read this. It might be a spoiler.

First of all, Robert Neville, is the only human survivor on Earth to his knowledge. Due to a botched experiment a virus has wiped out humanity. Robert is the only one who can save humanity. Normal humanity was wiped out. There were several zombie like creatures due to the viral infection. They didn’t die, but were sort of mutated. They represent the evil of the world. They lived in complete darkness and any hint of light was painful to them. Robert’s job when they came after him was to expose them to light and try to offer them a blood serum that would save them from their mutated state. There are many scripture references to darkness and light. This is one of the first Bible messages I see from this movie. The darkness could not associate itself with the light. It was painful and all the zombies cared to do was hide. They waited for darkness to come, so they could come out and search for the blood that would cure them. I think we are like that sometimes. We all have that hidden darkness, or shame, or sin that we let consume us. It is painful if that comes to light and others see it. We end up searching for the blood of Christ that forgives when no one is looking. If that sin were to come out it would embarrass us and that is why we hide it. Just like the zombies couldn’t hide from Robert, we can’t hide from Christ. Seek the forgiveness that Christ offers and live in the light. Jesus says He is the light of the world and whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. What a promise.

Secondly, there is a section of the movie where Robert and a lady talk about God’s plan. She says that she is sent to Him because it is part of God’s plan. She says she was sent to get him and take him to a colony where some survivors are living. Robert denies that there are other living humans. Robert say’s there is no God. God did not do this, we did this. He is partly correct. We did do this. We have screwed up. A long time ago, we screwed up, but Jesus was sent to help us. It was all part of God’s plan. Just as the lady heard Robert’s voice over the radio and she arrived to help, God saw our need for a Savior. He saw that we were just doomed and we needed someone to help us out. We celebrate Christmas this month. God knew we could not and would not get better, so He sent His Son to help us out. It was part of God’s plan. The rest of God’s plan comes next.

Lastly, as the movie draws to a close the evil zombies have found out where Robert lives. Thousands of zombies attack his home. He tries everything he can to stop them. He shoots them, sets off bombs and explosions, but nothing is slowing them down. He and the lady retreat to his lab in the basement and enter into a glass cage where one of the zombies is being kept for research. He notices that the blood serum from his body (Robert is immune, he cannot be infected) has started to heal this zombie. He pleads with the zombies attacking him that he can save them, but they keep attacking. He sends the lady through a secret passage to escape. Right before he closes the door to send her out he gives her his blood. This blood will be able to save humanity if there is anymore infection. She doesn’t want to leave him to die, but he tells her this is God’s plan. She leaves as the zombies continue to attack. With no guns or anything else to protect him, he reaches into his desk drawer and gets a grenade. He pulls the pin and rushes head on into the zombies, sacrificing himself and killing all the zombies. How more Bible can you get? He offers his blood to save humanity and then wipes out evil by sacrificing his life. That is the rest of God’s plan. Yes, He sent His Son into this world as a baby. That baby grew up and lived a perfect (immune) life. That baby, as a man, gave His blood, and died as a sacrifice so that humanity be saved.

The movie ends saying that God’s plan continues because of the legacy that Robert wanted to leave. He worked so hard to leave a legacy. He died in order to leave a legend. He was a legend. Are we leaving a legacy? There are people in our midst who need us. What is the legacy we will leave behind for them? What about the people of the future we will never meet? What will be the legacy for them to see in years to come? Be a legend.

Most of you that read this will already be believers of the message and will have accepted the free gift. Maybe there is someone out there who needs the best gift ever this Christmas – Jesus Christ. My prayer is that you will “accept this.” Go see the movie, you will see what I am talking about.