Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Part 1 of 2

part one really has nothing to do with part two, but I wanted to mention two things today.

A few summers ago I took a class at Golden Gate called Theology and Imagination/Film and Faith. Basically it was about watching films, reviewing those films, developing a Biblical message from those films and using it as conversation pieces if the subject ever came up. Believe me it is really easy to find messages in TV and Film.

The other night I was watching Grey's Anatomy and I was really struck by what Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) said in one certain part of the show. The scenario is this: two ambulances collided, a man is trapped inside and dying. There is no way to save him. His wife works at the hospital and Meredith rushes to find her so that the nurse can say goodbye to her dying husband.

What Meredith says afterwards just struck me. I am just going to paraphrase what she said. She says that she has worked at that hospital for a long time and has never seen the wife. She is a complete stranger. She has never met her, but she is the one who handed her the most awful news she will ever get. Meredith will always be in the wife's life story the one who handed her the bad news. That is how this woman will remember Meredith. Meredith's boss replies to her and says, "that's the job."

Now I have thought about this a lot and this will sound cheezy and over baptized and whatever other words you want to use, but how true is this for us as Christians. We are all someone in someone else's story. We will have encounters with strangers. We will have encounters with someone we have never met. We will have encounters with someone that we have never seen before. We need to be the person in someone's life story that shares with them the good news. Maybe, just maybe that is how they will remember us. We may never ever see that person again, but we will have left an impression, a legacy with that person. THAT'S THE JOB!

Just as Jesus did with the Samaritan women. She did not know him. They were strangers. Jesus shared with her the good news. He became part of her life story. What happened? She went and told everyone else and others believed.

That is how it is supposed to work. Get involved in someone's story. Do your job and share with them the good news. How great it will be that when you have shared the news and the person has heard and believed the news, you will be a part of their new story to be shared with others and so on.

God Bless!