Monday, June 2, 2014

A blog a day in June (except for yesterday)

With all the exciting things that are happening and will be happening in the month of June and July, I have challenged myself to write a short blog everyday to keep us all informed.

Yesterday was June 1 and we launched a new worship service at the church. For many years faithful people in the church have been praying and trying to join the two English congregations in the building into one. Richmond Chinese Baptist Church has an English congregation and yesterday they met with us at Towers for the first of many times to come.

I saw smiles. I saw tears. I saw Jesus lifted high and a type of community that I have not seen as a pastor. There was a vibrant spirit of joy and excitement. It was a good day. I am not a "how many attended" type of guy, but one of our metrics because we are small church is increased attendance. This gives us more people to disciple, more people to train, more people to coach and more people to send. Attendance more than doubled yesterday. About a dozen nationalities were represented. Newborn babies to adults in their 80's were represented. Believers and non-believers were there.

I concluded my sermon series, "Out with the Old and In with the New" from Colossians 3. Yesterday I unpacked verses 15-17. It was a scheduled sermon and it just happened to fall on a perfect day. We were reminded by Paul to the let the peace of Christ rule (umpire) in our hearts. We were reminded to let the Word of Christ dwell in is abundantly. I shared this statement, "Do not rent your life out to Jesus!" We were also reminded to do everything in the name of Jesus. It is the name of Jesus that saves and is above every other name. All of these commands hold a secondary command - be thankful!

Are we thankful for the peace of Christ? It comes from the blood of the cross.
Are we thankful for the life of Christ that lives within us? Think about the spirit of God dwells in you.
Are we thankful that we get to tell others about Jesus? Speak His name to people.

We concluded the day with the Lord's Supper and the baptism of a fairly new immigrant from Beijing.
I am looking forward to an amazing summer. Our interns arrive today and they will hit the ground running sharing Jesus and helping us plant churches this summer.

Pray for us!