Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pray with us for our neighbours

Recently I came across a book Ed Stetzer mentioned on Twitter called The Art of Neighboring. I read a few excerpts from the book online and God really began to reaffirm some things in my heart that I had already been thinking about. My father in law ordered the book for me and I have been reading it this week. I look forward to being able to share the principles of the book with the great people that I am blessed to pastor and with you too.

Jesus told us in the Great Commandment to love Him and love our neighbour. Do we even know our neighbours names? I begin to look up and down my street and at the houses near our church building (I live next to the church building) and I was only able to name a very small percentage of our neighbours. That means I do not know anything about them. Just from my front stoop I can see Canadian families, Filipino families, Punjabi families, Chinese families, Saudia Arabian families, British families and others. All of them do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. A recent demographic done for our neighbour shows that approximately 22,000 people live within 0.5 miles from the front doors of our church building. Within 1 mile, there are over 140,000 people. Over 95% of those people do not know Jesus. A majority of that percentage do not know anything about Jesus.

Today, our church, will begin a monthly prayer walking initiative in our neighbourhood. Next week will do the same thing in an area we want to plant a new church, Steveston Village. We are going to gather at 2pm Pacific Time and just begin to walk the streets that surround the church building. We will pray for God to bring salvation to the homes. We will pray for God to bless these homes. For the many new homes being constructed, we will pray for followers of Jesus to move into those homes to help us impact our neighbourhood. We will look for neighbours in their yards or walking the streets and pray for open doors to share the Gospel with them. We will look for our neighbours needs and for ways to serve them. We will be the presence and the light of Jesus Christ. 

I am asking you, wherever you may be, to pray with us at 2pm Pacific Time. I have friends all over the world in many different time zones. Will you stop for a few moments at 2pm Pacific Time and pray with us and for us?

I know God is going to do great things when we have faith in Him to do great things and I look forward to sharing with you what happens!

Pastor G