Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mission Team #1 - LMCA

A lot of churches and church plants here in the Vancouver area rely heavily on support from other groups from the US. One great way groups, such as churches, businesses, and schools, support us is by building a long term partnership to assist with ministry. Whether that is done with paper (money), prayers (interceding for us), or people (mission teams) we are thankful for all partners.

Lake Mead Christian Academy from Henderson, NV arrives here on Monday. I want you to be praying for this team for the duration of their trip from their arrival on Monday, February 27 to their departure on Saturday, March 3. I am going to list some of the ways that they will be helping us at Towers Baptist Church and some other pastors/planters/churches in the Vancouver area. Please pray for this team that they will be used to engage people with the Gospel message of Jesus to penetrate the lostness and darkness that surrounds us. It is not about us. It is all about Jesus Christ.

Here is the list (in no certain order):
The team will be going door to door in Quadrant 1 (neighbourhood outreach area 1) to collect cans of food for the Richmond Food Bank. They will use that as the conversation starter. They will also be giving out Towers information on a card that invites individuals and families to a Neighbourhood Meet and Greet on Thursday. This card will have the invitation, but also a list of important dates, such as Easter Weekend service information, family movie nights, Vacation Bible School, etc. The people who come to the meet and greet will have a special "thank you" visit. The team will also be prayer walking and talking with people in Steveston as we continue to think and pray about church planting in that area. They will be working with Origin Church on the University of British Columbia Campus. They will be working with Urban Village Church and also ministering to the homeless, mentally ill, and drug addicted on the downtown east side. They will also be spending an entire day at Walter Lee Elementary school. Every homeroom and the library will have special helpers for the entire day. They will be joining with the youth of a local Chinese church for a night of worship and also doing some kids programs and children's activities through out the week. They will be doing a scavenger hunt in the Chinese malls and stores and on public transit. There will possibly be visiting some religious temples such as a Buddhist temple, a Sikh temple, and a Muslim mosque. There is so much that they will be doing and experiencing. Please pray that at least one person will come to know the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ through this team.

As a church we have been praying for over 700 households for the entire month of February. Pray that someone in those 700 households will be open to talking about the Gospel and that God will radically save them.

Pastor G